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Thank you for taking your interest in Dong Ryung Chemicals Co., Ltd.


From its establishment in 1972 in Seoul Korea  as the forerunner  of the distributors of basic,

derivatives and specialty chemicals,  Dong Ryung Chemicals Co., Ltd. has continued a rapid

and remarkable growth with its goal of becoming a world-class enterprise in various fields of

industrial chemicals, plastic polymers, synthetic rubbers and bio-energy.


Dong Ryung Chemicals Co., Ltd. will develop as the enterprise to create bright future through

the trust and love, human-oriented management and distinguished service to customer.


We promise to do our best for customer satisfaction and high quality service.

With our sincerity,  we will continue  to make our utmost effort  to succeed in the market with

our customers.


Thank you!

                                                      President & CEO /  Seong Beom, Lee







5F, Daesung Bldg., 33, Hyoryeong-ro 49-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06670 Korea   Tel.+82-2-525-6060~2   Fax.+82-2-525-8080

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